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LED Light (Trade Show Display)

LED Light (Trade Show Display)

LED Light (Trade Show Display)

This set of 2 LED Lights compatible with all of our trade show displays. Great lighting is a necessity in an effective trade show booth, it allows you to direct the eyes of onlookers to your high-resolution display graphic. 

IMPORTANT:  The tension fabric displays are meant to hold only two LED lights. The two C-clamps required to mount the LED lights to our tension fabric displays are included with every display hardware we ship. LED lights do not ship with additional C-Clamps. 

Product Detail: 
  • Product dimensions: 5.5"w x 19"h (each)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
Q: Do I need any additional hardware to install LED Lights?

A: For tension fabric display, use the connector included with display to install. For velcro fabric pop up display, no additional hardware is needed. Simply slid on and you are ready to go.

Q: Does LED Lights compatible with displays from other supplier?

A: This set of 2 LED Lights maybe not compatible with displays from other supplier.

Q: How much amp’s does spot lights requires?

A: 5 amp.

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